Who Am I?


Hi friends! I'm Kayla. Welcome to my blog. I live just outside New York City in Hoboken. I work in fashion in my professional time and LOVE to cook in all the rest of my time. I'm a big fan of balanced grain and salads. I am both gluten free and tree nut free, and also lactose intolerant. I like experimenting with recipes and making the healthiest options for as many meals as possible. I like following other gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan bloggers for inspiration. 

I try to eat incredibly healthy. I am 30 years old and only in the past 6 years have I been diagnosed as celiac (gluten free, wheat free), Lactose intolerant (dairy free) and all my life knew I was allergic to nuts. I started an Instagram blog to help navigate my journey into finding good foods and healthy recipes, while still of course keeping to my strict dietary needs. Through the Instagram platform, I found that sharing my experiences really made me feel less alone, and I realized other people were going through similar experiences.


In real life while speaking to people, I found that when I discuss my dietary needs and how healthy I try to be, a lot of people find the idea to be so foreign, as though eating healthy isn't easy and that it is not easily achieved. I keep a very low saturated fat diet as well and include this in my recipes too. It seems like the general idea of eating healthy is well received but people do not understand how easy it is to achieve, and that is what I try to bring to my meals and to my viewers and followers. Dinner can be easy to make, and still be healthy!


I focus mainly on healthy quick meals that can be made in a half hour or less. I like meals that take the least amount of prep work but focus on healthy eating and dietary restrictions an and sharing them through bright, colorful photos!